Panorama Water Park


Water Park

The biggest Water Park in town with plenty of rides for kids to Adult. Two Big Wave Pool, Kids Pool, Two Rain Dance, Slide Tower, Multilane Racer, Swirl Ride, Water Coaster, Cyclone Slide, Pendulum, Lazy River & many more

Land Games

Our park offers various games and activities that take place on dry land within the water park premises. Water parks often have a mix of water-based attractions and non-water-based activities to cater to a wider audience.


Statue Park

Statue Park inside our premises is a park or outdoor area that features a collection of statues or sculptures. This parks is designed to showcase various artistic pieces and provide a space for visitors to appreciate and enjoy the artwork.

Ghost House

Our "Ghost House" is a type of attraction or location associated with ghosts, haunted houses, or paranormal activities. Here you will experince Haunted Atmosphere, Ghostly Characters, Themed Rooms or Scenes, Special Effects, Narrative or Storyline, nteractive Element, etc.


Food Court

A food court in a water park is a designated area where visitors can find a variety of dining options to satisfy their hunger and enjoy a meal or snack during their visit. Here facilities includes- Quick-Service Dining, Diverse Menu Options, Seating Area, Refreshments and Beverages, etc.

Vehicle Parking

Vehicle parking in our water park is a designated areas where visitors can park their cars, motorcycles, or other vehicles while they enjoy the water park's attractions. Here are main considerations about our oarking- Big parking area, security measures avaialable, Nominal parking fees, etc.